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Nutrition Support Group

To enhance one's diet and lifestyle by taking the vegan approach.

The Nutrition Support Group is a group endorsed by Dr. Mark Sklar in order to better one's health and lifestyle by taking the Vegan approach. Dr Mark Sklar, being a vegetarian for more than 20 years himself, has been endorsing this lifestyle as he and his family are all vegetarians and is a proud member of PETA. Many studies have proven that maintaining a vegan/vegetarian diet leads to significant weight loss and improved control of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. This results in having  more energy to live everyday to the fullest. Dr. Sklar wants his patients to be in the best shape and condition possible, which is why he strongly endorses and supports this nutrition group and a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. "Being a vegetarian for 26 years has been a great influence on my life as I haven't felt healthier, livelier or happier since I started maintaining this diet.
This download contains the most up to date schedule for the Nutrition Support Group. It includes the topic that will be covered that day, the handouts, and the recipes that will be introduced. Please check on this schedule weekly to get an idea of what is going on within the group.
The Vegan Nutrition Group is led by Joseph Gonzales R.D. who is a staff dietitian for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Cancer Project. He has conducted many studies, primarily focusing on a study on the effectiveness of nutrition and  cooking classes by observing lifestyle and dietary changes helpful for  cancer prevention. He is a vegan himself and with his experience and expertise, is a great leader of the Vegan Nutrition Group.