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Mark M. Sklar, M.D., F.A.C.P., E.C.N.U., F.A.C.E.
3 Washington Circle  |  Washington, D.C. 20037  |  202.887.4769
"He is very good - period."


"I have been seeing Dr Sklar since 1997 when he diagnosed me with diabetes. Thanks to him I am healthy and my diabetes is under control. He has been there for me through several medical and personal crisis and was very considerate when my husband died. I pass numerous medical facilities on my way to see him in the District but I would not consider seeing anyone else. Dr Sklar makes you feel like you matter to him. He is an excellent physician and a good friend."
"Dr Sklar actually practices medicine. He's not in the "doctor business" like so many of this colleagues. He is also an excellent diagnostician. He doesn't just read numbers on a chart; he reads people. I had been to a lot of different doctors. He is the only one that made me feel any better. And my condition got better to boot! He's quick to follow up personally with new information or results. I wish there were more like him."

"Dr. Sklar exhibits both knowledge and practicality in helping me deal with my type 1 diabetes. He got me on the pump and is incredibly communicative and accessible via phone, e-mail. He will call personally with results and will take time to go through readings and make suggestions (if only I was a bit better about doing the testing). He also listens to my needs and even some suggestions. I got him to use Twitter to let me and any other interested patients know when the H1N1 vaccine was available, and he also had a traditional call in number. Overall, Dr. Sklar is the 12th endocrinologist I have seen in my 16 years as a diabetic and is hands down the best."

"Dr. Sklar is a really good doctor. He is attentive, and very knowledgeable. He was a referral from another doctor."

"Dr. Sklar is the ultimate professional. His staff is friendly and Caring. Dr. Sklar is the best Dr. in Washington, DC. I highly reccommend him."

"I have been seeing Dr. Sklar for over a decade. He is very thorough, thoughtful and a good listener. He is willing to try alternatives and is helpful with nutrition. He spends a lot of time with you! As a cancer survivor I appreciate his dedication. He calls with test results even if they are normal/good, and does so promptly.